Matthew's Collection of Stuff from the Internets

The Universal Hot Crazy Matrix on Women.

OMG, this is the greatest research in the history of forever. Absolute crackup! #SoTrue


Mad Max - Fury Road Trailer.

Wow, this movie looks intense!! Can’t wait to see it! #MadMax


#KimJongUn Dance Video.

Not sure what’s funnier, this video, or how pissed Nth Korea is.


2010 UCI #CycleBall #WorldCup.

#WTF did I just watch. #OnlyInJapan.


#PeterGriffin Impersonator Does Stand-Up and Kills It!

#LOL! A Perfect Peter.


#Jibo - The World’s First Family Robot.

This looks rather interesting. Be curious to see where this goes.


Sun Strike.

Pet Penguin in Japan.

La La the Penguin goes to town everyday with a backpack to collect fish. So cute.


A Tribute to Brian Drake’s Life in the Sky.
Absolutely INCREDIBLE #WingSuit footage!!

This is a Goat Riding a Guy Riding a Bike!



Auto Sperm-Collecting Robot For Hospitals & Sperm Banks.

#omg #OnlyInJapan


#Inspiring Advice From a Mentally Insane Person.

Hilarious and good advice. #21stCenturyJesus


#GameOfThrones 80’s Dance Version.

Not going to lie, this is farking awesome!! #WIN


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