Matthew's Collection of Stuff from the Internets

How to Get a Baby Phone Toy to Swear.

This is #gold!! LOL


Power of Optics.

A #RubeGoldberg of mirrors and lens’. #SoCool


The #AppleWatch (Parody)

LOL :) #iWatch


Volcano Eruption in Papua New Guinea Caught on Camera.

That shockwave! Woah!


Yu Ho-Jin FISM Grand Prix.

Watch close, you’ve never seen card tricks like this before. Master of Prestidigitation. #Incredible!!


#Navdy: Feels Like Driving in the Future.

Smartphone meets HUD. Looks very promising. #IWantOne


Jon Stewart Destroys #FoxNews in Powerful #Ferguson Monologue.


POV Footage of an Ice Climbers Fall.

Wow. That. Was. Intense.


2 Planes Full of Skydivers Wearing #GoPro’s Collide in Mid Air!

This is #insane footage!!


Robin Williams Tribute.

The best tribute out there. Just 1 min, it will kick you in the feels.


Kayakers Blast Down Drainage Ditch at 72kmh!

This is #INSANE!! I’d love to give this a go.


Inside a Chinese #Bitcoin Mine Holy. Shit. This is massive, just massive.

Epic Bahamas Jet Ski Crash.

How did this happen?? What a total muppet!


The Fermi Paradox.

If you like space, this is pretty #mindblowing. #FermiParadox

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