Matthew's Collection of Stuff from the Internets

POV Footage of an Ice Climbers Fall.

Wow. That. Was. Intense.


2 Planes Full of Skydivers Wearing #GoPro’s Collide in Mid Air!

This is #insane footage!!


Robin Williams Tribute.

The best tribute out there. Just 1 min, it will kick you in the feels.


Kayakers Blast Down Drainage Ditch at 72kmh!

This is #INSANE!! I’d love to give this a go.


Inside a Chinese #Bitcoin Mine Holy. Shit. This is massive, just massive.

Epic Bahamas Jet Ski Crash.

How did this happen?? What a total muppet!


The Fermi Paradox.

If you like space, this is pretty #mindblowing. #FermiParadox

The Universal Hot Crazy Matrix on Women.

OMG, this is the greatest research in the history of forever. Absolute crackup! #SoTrue


Mad Max - Fury Road Trailer.

Wow, this movie looks intense!! Can’t wait to see it! #MadMax


#KimJongUn Dance Video.

Not sure what’s funnier, this video, or how pissed Nth Korea is.


2010 UCI #CycleBall #WorldCup.

#WTF did I just watch. #OnlyInJapan.


#PeterGriffin Impersonator Does Stand-Up and Kills It!

#LOL! A Perfect Peter.


#Jibo - The World’s First Family Robot.

This looks rather interesting. Be curious to see where this goes.


Sun Strike.

Pet Penguin in Japan.

La La the Penguin goes to town everyday with a backpack to collect fish. So cute.


To Tumblr, Love Metalab